Counseling Services for Anxiety Sufferers in Brooklyn

Managing Every Day & Creating a Plan to Thrive for a Lifetime

Anxiety is a common reason that people decide to reach out to us at Ridge Psychological Services in Brooklyn. While anxiety is a completely normal and understandable response that can keep you safe, many people live their lives based on what their anxiety will allow them to do.

If anxiety has thwarted your ability to lead a happy and healthy life, you’re not alone. Many people experience some level of anxiety, but it doesn’t need to take you away from your happiest life. Instead, work with the skilled clinicians at Ridge Psychological. We have two locations in Park Slope and Bay Ridge, so counseling services are available to you wherever you live in Brooklyn.

Is it Anxiety or am I just Worried?

Anxiety is actually a group of conditions, including phobias, social anxiety, OCD, PTSD, and panic disorder. Anxiety is a completely natural response to many situations, but it is considered “disordered” when it starts to negatively impact your daily life. If you’re struggling with any level of anxiety that is having an unwanted effect on your day, we can help. Some of the symptoms of anxiety that lead people to visit us include:

  • Constant, nagging worries and guilt

  • Rapid heartbeat, sweating, chills, nausea, dry mouth, muscle spasms, and other bodily responses to agitation

  • Agitation, restlessness, tapping toes, trembling hands, and generally feeling “on edge”

  • Difficulty concentrating, hyper focus on certain details, and memory issues

  • Fast changes in mood and irritability

  • Interrupted sleep or difficulty falling or staying asleep

Getting Started

When you’re ready to work with Ridge Psychological Services to start leading a happier life after anxiety, you can call or complete our online appointment request form. Once you contact our office in Park Slope or Bay Ridge, you will receive a call back within 24 hours.  We offer a free phone consultation to review your concerns, go over costs and fees, and answer any questions you have. ​Once you make an appointment, you will be emailed our start up forms to complete in advance of your appointment, so we can review your concerns before you come in.   

What Happens During Counseling Sessions for Anxiety?

To get started, we’ll discuss what brought you to see us. At your first few sessions, we will get to know each other, problem solve, and develop a plan to help you move from where you are now to where you want to be. For most people who struggle with anxiety, there is no “cure.” You will always be working through this condition, but when you partner with a clinician, it’s possible to develop the skills you need to lead a healthy, happy life. Depending on your situation, we will typically begin with sessions once a week. As you start to feel more confident and experience fewer adverse effects from anxiety, we may move to less frequent sessions.

What to Expect at Ridge Psychological

Our team is happy to offer consultations, neuropsychological evaluations, and therapy services for children, teens, and adults. Our aim is to provide each client with compassionate, individualized care. When you call our Park Slope or Bay Ridge location, we’ll schedule your visit to see us in one of our two Brooklyn office locations for neuropsychological assessment or therapy services.

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